Best Honeymoon Destinations In Australia 2

Best Honeymoon Destinations In Australia 2.

Australia officially the Commonwealth of Australia, is a country comprising the mainland of the Australian continent, the island of Tasmania, and numerous smaller islands. It is the world's sixth-largest country by total area. Neighbouring countries includeIndonesia, East Timor and Papua New Guinea to the north; the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and New Caledonia to the north-east; and New Zealand to the south-east.

Below are some of The Best Honeymoon Destinations In Australia :

Lagoons of New Caledonia (Best Honeymoon Destinations In Australia) 

One of the three largest reef systems in the world, enclosing a lagoon area of 24,000 km2 (9,300 sq mi). The density of reef structures here is the most diverse in the world. It host a great diversity of species with a high level of endemism, and is an important habitat for endangered dugongs and sea turtles.

Levuka Historical Port Town (Best Honeymoon Destinations In Australia) 

Levuka is a town on the eastern coast of the Fijian island of Ovalau, in Lomaiviti Province, in the Eastern Division of Fiji. It was formerly the Capital of Fiji. At the census in 2007, the last to date, Levuka town had a population of 1,131 (plus 3,266 living in the peri-urban area as defined by the Bureau of Statistics), about half of Ovalau's 8,360 inhabitants. It is the economic hub and the largest of 24 settlements on the island. Levuka and the island of Ovalau had been seeking recognition from UNESCO as a World Heritage Site for decades, finally being designated in June of 2013.

Lord Howe Island Group (Best Honeymoon Destinations In Australia) 

This island is the eroded remains of a seven million-year-old shield volcano, the product of eruptions that lasted for about a half-million years.[28] It is home to numerous endemic species, significant breeding colonies of seabirds, and the world's southernmost coral reef.

Macquarie Island (Best Honeymoon Destinations In Australia) 

Lying atop a segment of the Macquarie Ridge, the island is the only place on earth where the mantle is exposed above sea level. It contains evidence ofseafloor spreading. It was inscribed for its unique geological value.

New Zealand Sub-Antarctic Islands (Best Honeymoon Destinations In Australia) 

Comprising the Antipodes Islands, Auckland Islands, Bounty Islands,Campbell Islands and The Snares. The islands are noted for the diversity and density of wildlife, with high levels of endemism. They are critical breeding ground for a range of species, and host huge breeding colonies of seabirds, penguins and sea lions.

Ningaloo Reef (Best Honeymoon Destinations In Australia) 

Noted for its exceptional marine biodiversity, including over 700 fish species and an abundance of endangered sea turtles. It hosts the largest known seasonal aggregations of whale sharks and is part of the annual migration routes of dolphins, dugongs, manta rays and humpback whales.

Papahānaumokuākea (Best Honeymoon Destinations In Australia) 

This chain of islands was formed as a result of hotspot volcanism. It supports almost 7,000 marine species, one quarter of which are endemic, and is critical to the survival of several endangered species. The islands are spiritually significant to many Native Hawaiians, being associated with the concept of kinship between man and nature. Two of the islands contain well-preserved heiau shrines.

Phoenix Islands Protected Area (Best Honeymoon Destinations In Australia) 

Encompassing the sparsely inhabited, inhospitable Phoenix Islands, this reserve protects one of the world's largest oceanic wildernesses. It covers a variety of marine habitats, and forms a major breeding ground on themigration routes of several marine and seabird species. It is considered to be of vital significance in evaluating the consequences of climate change on sea levels and the health of coral reefs.

Purnululu National Park (Best Honeymoon Destinations In Australia) 

The Bungle Bungle Range is a Devonian plateau that has been heavily eroded into a dramatic landscape of conical sandstone towers. It is one of the largest network of sandstone karst formations in the world, parts of which are sacred to the indigenous Kija people.

Rapa Nui National Park (Best Honeymoon Destinations In Australia) 

Covering almost half of Easter Island, this park showcases the unique cultural landscape produced by the isolated Rapanui civilisation. Its most recognisable features are the distinctive moai statues and ceremonial shrines (ahu). It was inscribed on the list as a "remarkable cultural phenomenon".

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